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ISBS Offline Marketing Portfolio
ISBS Offline Marketing Portfolio
ISBS Offline Marketing Portfolio
ISBS Offline Marketing Portfolio

Lowest Rates and Best Results for your Online and Offline Advertising

ISBS are partnered with a team of fully accredited industry leader Media Group specialists, providing high quality and effective media planning and Media buying services for both internet and offline print display advertising campaigns.

Whether you are about to launch a new company, a product or service, ISBS can plan your advertising campaign ensuring that the best media is used to reach your target market and achieve the results you want to suit your budget.

We have provided national coverage for leading brands and provided media buying for the launch of new products and services due to our competitive rates and provision of high standard in-house design and marketing services. We have extensive experience providing both Online Media Planning and Buying services and Offline print Media Planning and Buying services.

Online Media Planning and Buying
Online media buying is not just about buying a banner ad or putting your advert in as many popular sites as possible. We have professional online marketers who put together an online marketing strategy for you using research, based on your objectives and what it is you want to achieve. Whether it is to attract more customers or more visitors, before launching an online advertising campaign we would put together a plan outlining the best advertising media solution, placement/s and ad creative’s. All chosen methods are monitored regularly, measured to ensure results with regular reports.

Offline Print Media Planning and Buying
Our services include creating an advertising and marketing strategy with timelines and to budget, creative concepts, organising distribution, PR and promotions, print production and account management. Media Buying campaigns have included UK Newspaper and magazine media campaigns, billboard and UK advertising display placements, transport campaigns regional and national including buses, trains, trams and taxis, London underground display campaigns, local and national TV and Cable media campaign, Cable shopping channels and Radio local and national. We can put together the right campaign for you (whatever your size or budget) to reach your target audience and achieve the results you need.

Focus Groups and Market Research
For those clients who are at the their research phase and looking to establish consumer responses to discuss new products, advertisements or new concepts on behalf of their business, ISBS can arrange a focus group for you. A focus group is a facilitated group discussion in which ideas, opinions and experiences are shared in an interactive way. Questionnaires, market research and survey designs are also provided which together is a cost effective way to gather views from a large number of people in a relatively short time scale and provide you with the consumer analysis you need to make your advertising campaign more effective.

Design work for your Campaign
All design work and advertising preparation for both print and online advertising including Flash animation banners can be provided by ISBS making us a complete solution for your advertising and marketing campaign.

Radio, TV and Cable TV Campaigns
For any Radio, TV and Cable channel advertising campaigns, we can be involved in the creation of your campaign as much as you need. From total media planning which involves initial script writing for the advert to scheduling and execution. Alternatively we can provide work together with your creative team and provide our media buying services, recommending you the right places to advertise your ads to reach your target audience and get the best results from your campaign.

Competitive Discount Rates for Any Advertising Placement

What to do Next
For quotes on Media Buying rates both online and offline or if you just want to discuss your advertising campaign (which can be at any scale), please contact us today on 01923 225545.

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