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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing method used on websites where the advertiser would pay the host ONLY when the ad is clicked on

ISBS Pay Per Click (PPC) Management offer expertise and success in all aspects of PPC marketing campaigns across the Google AdWords, Microsoft BING and Yahoo! networks.

PPC campaigns can offer businesses incredible returns by measures of leads, sales, website traffic and also provide great brand-building opportunities. However every campaign needs careful management as opportunities with a PPC are endless and when managed correctly it can provide you with very favourable results.

With changing markets, bidding wars and vast numbers of competitors all acting at once it is worth having an experienced team on your side who understands the world of PPC, act fast, pay close attention to your campaign by adjusting advert copy regularly and get your keywords at the lowest prices possible in return for high volume of clicks and sales within your budget. Our professional monthly management can help you achieve the results you want through your website and get an increased Return On your Investment (ROI).

If you have an existing Pay Per Click account or are new to Pay Per Click Marketing, we can help you today.

If You Already Have A PPC Account
For customers who already have a PPC account but feel they could be getting their Cost Per Click (CPC) for less (CPC is the amount of money you spend per click on your ad to bring one visitor to your site). Or you may feel you want better results for your money e.g. more sales or more click-throughs. The first thing we do is look at your current campaign, ads, stats, click-throughs and start identifying where improvements can be made. Examples such as removing non-converting traffic, re-writing ads, creating landing pages to monitor visitor activity would be done which in-turn would bring costs down per conversion and increase targeted visitors and sales via the website. We analyse ads and stats daily and provide regular reports.

New PPC customers
For new customers, you can have a PPC campaign for any budget. We would have a consultation with you gathering information such as your target key phrase, what you are advertising and your target market. These will help identify how many targeted hits we can get for your budget. No money is wasted with PPC as our ads will only be encouraging targeted potential customers to visit your website. Non performing ads or targeted keyphrases will be tweaked or changed as we monitor results daily.

Our Professional Management PPC Services Include:

Take the next step and discuss your PPC Campaign with us today.

What to do Next
Just call us on 01923 225545 to get a free non-obligation quotation from our PPC Specialists. We can do it based on keywords you provide us or do a keyword assessment for you.

You can also click here with your details for a Free Call Back.

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